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Carbon Solutions proprietary clear coat additive can be mixed in with any color paint to form a super hard, protective layer leaving a chip and scratch resistant finish. If you’ve seen repaired carbon frames, you’ve probably seen our work.

We are an authorized painter for several manufactures including Specialized, Santa Cruz, Ibis, Argon 18, and more. This gives us the ability to paint your frame without voiding the warranty.

For a repaint, we have a couple of options with the prep before painting. Pricing includes scuffing the existing paint with sandpaper and using that as a base coat. The other option is to completely strip the old paint, inspect for stress fractures, primer, paint colors, paint decals (using reverse stencils which leaves a much better finish than vinyl) and apply clear. The final result is the same if we scuff or remove the paint. The difference is in weight, saving about 100-200 grams, and knowing the carbon is in good shape.

No matter if you are having a flame job overlaid on a carbon fiber bicycle frame or are restoring a classic beauty, when you have it painted by Joe’s you are assured the best possible results.